Lack of sleep or tired looking face? Then definitely try this out!

Garnier Hyalouron Shot Sheet Mask Review_title

I wanted something extra to make my skin look awake and healthy. See, I had this meeting the following day and I wanted to be glowy and fresh. But I am not sleeping well these days and I knew make up would not be enough!

So I checked my “beauty box” with all the goodies like face masks, eye patches and stuff that I recently got and I decided to go for the Garnier Hyalouron Shot Sheet Mask.

When it comes to fresh, plump, glowing skin, hyalouronic acid is the winner. So I picked this one and I was hoping to get the desired results.

The Sheet Mask

This Garnier DIY mix it yourself sheet mask has 2 sections. In one section you have the hydrating formula, enriched with hyalouronic acid and separately in the other section you have an ultra absorbent dry algae tissue mask waiting to be infused. So the great thing is that you can mix it whenever you want to use this face mask!

Once you mix it, the tissue is instantly transformed into a soft gel with a bouncy cushion texture that fits to the face to replump the skin with moisture and leave skin softer and supple.

What it claims to do

This fresh mix tissue mask enriched with hyalouronic acid, replumps and smoothes your skin.

After 1 week (3 applications), skin feels smoother and bouncier. After 4 weeks (12 applications), skin feels firmer and more elastic.

How To Do

The sachet is sealed in the middle, so you want to fold it and push the serum until the seal opens. Then you want to push the serum into the tissue chamber, making sure the tissue is fully infused.

You wait 1 minute for it to absorb as much serum as possible and then you open the sachet and take out the sheet mask.

You can also check my video on how to mix and apply this Garnier Sheet Mask


Before applying any sheet mask or eye patches, you want to make sure that your face is clean, free of make up, moisturiser or dirt. So you should cleanse your skin, maybe double cleanse if possible, to make sure you have a nice and clean base.

Apply the sheet mask on your face. I find it easier to start from my forehead and then going to the rest of my face. You want to make sure that the mask covers your entire face and your chin.

Wait for 15 minutes and then you can take the mask off. It’s important to follow the recommended time because if you leave the mask for longer, it is possible to absorb all the serum and the moisture of your skin.

Now, once you take the mask off, you will still have some serum on your face. Do not wash your face afterwards!! The best thing to do it to massage your skin and you can also gently tap the product into your skin. This will help to absorb better and faster all the essence.

Extra Tip!

You will notice that there is still some leftover serum in the sachet. You can use this in your neck, your hands, your elbows, your knees, or wherever you feel that your skin is dry and needs extra hydration! I keep mine and use it the next day on my face as a serum!


From the moment I applied the sheet mask I felt so great! It was so soothing and had kind of a cooling effect too. After 10 minutes I could already feel my skin more tight and I could tell that the sheet mask was getting a little drier.

After taking off the mask my skin was glowing, I felt it super hydrated and plump. Of course after a few more applications you will get even better results. But for that extra boost I needed, it actually worked!

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This is a sheet mask that I will definitely buy again, it does what it says and gives you this instant glow and radiant healthy look. Just apply it the night before and when you wake up your skin will feel so soft and fresh.

I totally recommend it!

So, have you tried it? Let me know what you think or if you have any recommendations on other great sheet masks!