Removing Your Waterproof Mascara Lashes

You love your waterproof mascara and you can’t live without it. But when it’s time to remove your make up, you always end up rubbing your eyes and losing some of your precious lashes.

And what about the damage this rubbing can cause to your sensitive under eye area?

Waterproof mascara is one of my greatest loves. Never lets me down and keeps my make up in place.

I wear it almost every day. At work, at the gym and certainly when I go to the beach. It stays there and completes any make up look. No smudges, no messed up smokey eyes and care free swimming is enough to convince you. Even if you get too emotional, you will still be pretty!

Now when it comes to removing your waterproof mascara, make sure you use the right products. You have to be gentle in order to avoid any damage to your lashes or your delicate under eye area.

Not all make up removers will do the job. I remember myself in the past, struggling with the cotton pads and rubbing my lashes for at least 2 minutes. The mascara was still there and my eyes were so dark and dry.

All of that belongs to the past and removing my make up feels so effortless now. I found the product that not only removes my waterproof mascara and eye liner, but also leaves my skin soft and super clean.

The Product

My new favourite cleanser is the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm. A silky balm formula for all skin types. It cleans my skin so well without leaving any make up residue or irritating my eyes.

Removing your waterproof mascara Clinique

What it does

This makeup remover quickly dissolves tenacious and waterproof makeup and sunscreens. Once you apply, it transforms from a solid balm into a silky oil. Cleans thoroughly and rinses off completely. Gently helps remove the stress of pollution so your skin looks younger, longer.

Bonus: Non-greasy. Non-drying.

How To Use

Apply the balm with your fingertips and massage over dry skin. If you wear waterproof mascara, keep massaging your lashes for a few more seconds.

Rinse well with lukewarm water and pat dry.

And that’s it! Super clean and soft skin in less than a minute.

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